21 March 2012


Hi! My name is Rebekah and I'm 21. I'm a final year Law and German student with a lot of work to do...so naturally I've started a blog. I've never properly blogged before so hopefully you'll bear with me while I find my feet. As this is my first post, I thought I'd tell you a bit about me. Sorry in advance if I bore you!

  • I have a thing for boys with long hair and have been with my very own long-haired lover for almost 3 years. He's a great guy and he makes me very happy.
  • I am an emotional wreck at times and books and films make me cry a lot. Even the music from 'Up' sets me off whenever I hear it.
  • I am a feminist and proud of it. That doesn't mean I hate men or that I don't wear make up or shave my armpits (although, if I didn't do those things, so what?) I am a feminist because I believe men and women should be treated equally. There is nothing a man can do that I can't (apart from a few fairly obvious physical things) and being a woman should never hold you back. 
  • I love music. All kinds of music. I love old stuff, super new stuff and cringy stuff that I know I shouldn't enjoy. (Hello, Sir Mix-a-Lot!) My blog name is a tribute to Fleetwood Mac, who I adore. Rumours is a bloody amazing album and Landslide is one of my favourite songs ever.
  • I paint my nails far too much and get obsessed with colours. I spend ages looking at swatches online before taking the plunge.
  • I play Mah Jong to relax.
  • Every time my boyfriend says the word 'crazy', I get an irresistible urge to sing Crazy by Patsy Cline at him. Often, this urge wins.
So, that's a few weird and stupid facts about me! If you'd like to know anything else please just ask, and I hope you enjoy reading my blog! 


  1. Hiya, I loove your blog so far, the layout is so pretty! Are you based in cardiff? (am I!) plus landslide is one of my favourite songs too.
    Cariad xx


    1. Hi! Yes, I am indeed based in Cardiff (for the minute anyway!) I'm in my final year of uni here. Thanks for your lovely comments! xx