2 April 2012


Spring/Summer Wishlist
I finally managed to work out Polyvore and put together a wishlist. The weather has been so lovely the past week or so which has made me want to revamp my entire wardrobe.

  1. This yellow dress is from Dorothy Perkins. It's so lovely and summery and yellow is a colour that suits me quite well. This dress is perhaps a bit too expensive for what it is at £25, but Dorothy Perkins does offer student discount so I may have to snap this up at some point!
  2. This swimsuit is also from Dorothy Perkins. I love polka dot and red, but I'm a bit self-conscious about my tummy and thighs on the beach, so the swimsuit can cover me up! It's £28 but I can imagine it will be quite good quality and I just think it's so cute!
  3. The nail polish is called 'Domestic Goddess' and costs £5 from Topshop. I don't much like Topshop's clothes but their make-up, especially nail polish, really does it for me. I love painting my nails and need some more summery colours, so I'll certainly be picking this up in the near future!
  4. The bag is £12.99 from New Look. I usually carry my trusty plain brown leather bag around but this would be a nice change, especially in the sunshine.
  5. My luxury item! I've heard amazing things about the Chanel Blush Horizon de Chanel. It's mega-expensive though, at £46, so unless I come into a small fortune I highly doubt I'll be getting my hands on it!
So, this is my first lust-list! I apologise profusely for my massive lack of real style, and I've just sort of jumbled everything together. I'll try and get better, which means more wishing for things I don't really need...


  1. Love that swimming costume, it is such a gorgeous shape and pattern :)
    That nail polish is a gorgeous colour, and I want that blush so badly :)

    Laura xoxo

  2. i love the colour of that nail polish. topshop has some really great shades :) x