5 May 2012

Garnier Summerbody & Topshop Domestic Goddess Nail Polish

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Just a quick little post today about some new purchases I've made recently. 

I got the Garnier Summerbody Moisturiser on a recommendation from a friend and I've used it twice now. I know that's not very much time in which to form my opinion, but so far I've been very impressed! It goes on well and dries quickly, and the result is a really natural looking tan. I have had a few teething problems as the cream is white so you can't see where you've applied it and if it's applied evenly, but even the uneven patches weren't too bad! I also leant the hard way to rub some other moisturiser into your knees and elbows or it can collect there and make them quite dark. However, aside from those minor issues, which were mostly down to me being a bit rubbish at this kind of thing, I really like this product.
 The lotion is currently half-price in Boots, Superdrug and Tesco, I believe, and I'm sure it is on offer in other places too. I'll keep you updated with how I progress with it- I've just put some on before writing this post!

The nail polish is one I've been lusting after for ages- Topshop Domestic Goddess, priced at £5. My friend surprised me with a trip to London as a birthday present. We aimed to find dresses for the Summer Ball at our university but unfortunately couldn't find anything suitable. However, determined not to leave empty handed, I picked up this. I've wanted it for so long and couldn't resist. I haven't got round to using it yet but I've always been impressed with with the Topshop nail polishes I've used before, so I'm sure it won't disappoint. I'll do a little post about it when I get a chance to put it on!

Hope you're all well! 


  1. I bought this nail varnish recently but the colour came out a bit funny, not sure whether it was the pot or just looked odd on me! Hope you have more success with it!xxx

  2. Oh no, I'm worried now, I hope it lives up to my expectations, I've wanted it for ages! I'll be trying it tomorrow I think so I'll review it soon after! xx

  3. That nail polish looks really lovely :) I really want to try a nail polish from topshop!