20 May 2012

Revision Avoidance Wishlist!

I'm currently studying for my final university exams, so what is really on top of my wishlist is Bernard's watch so I can stop time and fit everything in! Failing that, a lovely holiday somewhere sunny would be lovely! However, with neither of these things really being a possibility, I thought I'd put together a more realistic wishlist.


Lace Pencil Dress: This is from Dorothy Perkins and costs £30. I need to start thinking about graduation dresses and I think this is gorgeous. The colour is so lovely and I adore the shape; it's so classic and demure, but also fitted which makes it flattering. I also think the price is really reasonable, and Dorothy Perkins also offer student discount all year round which is another plus (although I won't be a student much longer!) If you couldn't tell, I really like this dress!

Topshop Nail Polish in Forget Me Not: I love Topshop nail polish and think this colour would be lovely for the summer and (hopefully!) the sunshine.
NARS Blusher in Orgasm: The classic! I recently purchased Deep Throat on Buyapowa and although I haven't had the chance to use it I'm pretty sure I'm going to love it! Orgasm is the classice NARS blusher that all beauty bloggers rave about so I'm definitely going to treat myself to some soon. I think the peachy sheen would be lovely in summer with lighter make-up, and I also just want to be part of the crowd!
Steam Cream: This is probably just like any other moisturiser but the packaging is so cute! It's sold in Topshop for £10- I think- so it is a bit pricey. However, moisturiser is a daily staple so it would probably be worth it- even if I'm only really attracted by the ladybird.
MAC Hey, Sailor! Lipstick in Reel Sexy: I adore the new MAC collection. The packaging is divine and the products look great. Unfortunately, as I'm revising, I haven't really been out much and I definitely haven't been on any shopping trips so I'm probably going to miss out on this little beauty- it's already sold out online. I've never owned a MAC lipstick before either so it's a bit of a shame. I might have to treat myself to another as a post-exam reward...
Well, that was a lovely distraction from work! I hope you're all well. What sort of things are you lusting after right now? 


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    1. I ordered it a few days ago! I couldn't resist, I've wanted it for ages and I found it on Buyapowa with £5 off so couldn't help myself! I want to try Laguna as well but I've never actually used bronzer before so I wouldn't know what to do with it, haha.
      Love your blog, I have just followed you :) xx