3 June 2012

A Change of Direction (Sort Of)

Up until now, all I've really blogged about has been beauty products and occasionally I'll throw in the odd wishlist post. However, when I started this blog my original plan was to cover all sorts of areas that interest me and review things and pass information along, part of the reason I chose the name Second Hand News.
 Unfortunately, I started blogging right before the most important exams of my life which meant I couldn't really devote a lot of time to the blog and was unable to make it as diverse as I wanted. Now, thankfully, I've finished my Law exams and have a little bit of time before my next set of exams, so I can finally get round to adding more to my blog and covering more topics.

I'm hoping to be able to do reviews and provide information on a host of other things now, especially books and films which I've had to neglect a lot recently while I've been revising. So hopefully you'll enjoy the new direction I'm hoping to take!

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