24 July 2012

Even Children Get Older.

Hello hello, lovely followers! I'm so sorry for my very long absence but I've had quite a hectic few weeks. I started a summer job looking after children which has been very tiring. Also taking up a lot of my time was preparing for graduation! I am officially a Law and German graduate from Cardiff University.
I went to Cardiff last week for a long weekend with my parents and brother and had such a lovely time; everything was so nice and we had a great time together.

Here I am in all my graduation glory! I was so hot in my robes but really enjoyed wearing them; I didn't want to give them back at the end of the day. 

I know I've said it before but I really, really promise that normal service will resume now and I'll be posting more regularly now. 
I hope you're all well and that those of you who are also graduating really enjoy your day.

9 July 2012

Book Club: Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer

Yay, here is the first ever book review on the blog! One of the benefits of having left university is having a lot more free time to read whatever I choose to. This is, shamefully, only the second book I've read this year, but I hope to spend the summer adding to that amount. I also do reviews at goodreads.com and you can find a link to my account on the right hand side of my blog if you'd also like to join me there!

Into The Wild tells the true story of Christopher Johnson McCandless who, after graduating from university, decides he doesn't want to settle down into the life expected of him by his rich parents and instead travels around America. He ends up in Alaska where he walks 'into the wild' in an attempt to live off the land there. Unfortunately, it is there that his journey ends.

John Krakauer pieces together fragments of McCandless' diary entries, interviews with people who knew him and met him on his travels and the letters and postcards he sent. Krakauer narrates the history of McCandless' life in such a beautiful way- it feels like a work of fiction most of the time, with evocative descriptions and real drama, tension and emotion which pull you into the story. The interviews are especially well done- although emotive, they don't feel too overwrought and really add to the development of the elusive but engaging character of McCandless.

Krakauer also scatters the book with stories of other explorers, as well as his own story of adventure, in an attempt to provide an insight into McCandless' mind and motivation while he was travelling. This adds an extra dimension and more interest to the book.
In my case, having just left university myself, I can really feel the lure of the open spaces McCandless explored and the idea of travelling without borders and limits is so appealing. I think this is one of the reasons the book really resonated with me and I enjoyed it so much.

My only very minor criticism is perhaps the lack of pictures in the book. I feel that a few pictures of McCandless would have perhaps added to the intimacy of the book and really helped me visualise what he had seen and experienced. This is, however, a tiny point.

Overall, I'd really recommend this book. The story of the doomed McCandless is brilliantly told and it's clear the author has a huge amount of respect for him, while not being too sycophantic. It's really engaging and brilliantly told and provides and insight into a fascinating mind.

3 July 2012

Holiday Outfit

Untitled #4

At the minute, the weather is pretty grim here so I'm really wishing for a bit of sunshine or a holiday! If we somehow get blessed with nice weather in the near future, I think this little collection would be perfect.

Jamaica Sundress- £36 from Topshop. I really like the little pattern on this dress and think the shape is really clean and simple, which I love. Hopefully, I'll somehow manage to pick up a bit of a tan which will help set the dress off nicely if I end up buying it!

Sandals- I think these were £14.99 from New Look but I added these to Polyvore a while ago and now I can't find them on the website.  Gladiator sandals are my sunny weather staple and I really like the colour of these but it appears I was a bit slow and might have missed out on these.

Bag- This is from oasap.com and is priced at $28. I love the colour and shape of it.

Lipstick- This is the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in 37 L'Exhuberante and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! The colour is so beautiful. It's a matte pink and looks so stunning and perfect for summer and the matte-ness (I know, that's not a word!) of it makes it seems much less threatening, even though it is extremely bright. I really want to try it out with a natural face on a sunny day. It's priced at £25 which is quite a lot but I really like Chanel lip products and, in case it wasn't very clear, I am totally besotted by this lipstick!

Nail Varnish- I think this coral Yves Sant Laurent polish is the perfect colour for the summer sunshine, if it ever materialises. I've never tried a YSL product before and I think this would be a super jumping off point.

What summery items are you looking forward to getting use out of, if we get lucky and see the sunshine?

1 July 2012

Life Update!

After my last quite miserable and mopey post, I'm very pleased to report that things are on the up.

Firstly, I got my degree results and I got my 2:1! I am so overjoyed- I honestly didn't think I'd manage to get one so I'm beyond pleased that I did. This means I can apply for the LLM I want to do and should hopefully be able to do that, so my life for the next year is pretty settled. It's such a relief to have some kind of plan now.

I've also moved back home, so it's bye-bye Cardiff for a bit. However, this should give me much more time to read, watch films and shop, which in turn will give me a lot more to blog about so I should be much more active from now on. (I know I have said this quite a few times but I promise I mean it this time!)

Hope all you lovely people are well.