3 July 2012

Holiday Outfit

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At the minute, the weather is pretty grim here so I'm really wishing for a bit of sunshine or a holiday! If we somehow get blessed with nice weather in the near future, I think this little collection would be perfect.

Jamaica Sundress- £36 from Topshop. I really like the little pattern on this dress and think the shape is really clean and simple, which I love. Hopefully, I'll somehow manage to pick up a bit of a tan which will help set the dress off nicely if I end up buying it!

Sandals- I think these were £14.99 from New Look but I added these to Polyvore a while ago and now I can't find them on the website.  Gladiator sandals are my sunny weather staple and I really like the colour of these but it appears I was a bit slow and might have missed out on these.

Bag- This is from oasap.com and is priced at $28. I love the colour and shape of it.

Lipstick- This is the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet in 37 L'Exhuberante and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT! The colour is so beautiful. It's a matte pink and looks so stunning and perfect for summer and the matte-ness (I know, that's not a word!) of it makes it seems much less threatening, even though it is extremely bright. I really want to try it out with a natural face on a sunny day. It's priced at £25 which is quite a lot but I really like Chanel lip products and, in case it wasn't very clear, I am totally besotted by this lipstick!

Nail Varnish- I think this coral Yves Sant Laurent polish is the perfect colour for the summer sunshine, if it ever materialises. I've never tried a YSL product before and I think this would be a super jumping off point.

What summery items are you looking forward to getting use out of, if we get lucky and see the sunshine?


  1. I really love that bag! :)


  2. YOU LOVE THE SMITHS? alright, i'm definitely following.
    but the dress and the bag in this post are just to die for! great one :)


  3. I think I just fell in love with that bag!

    I have just stared my own blog to help forget the torrential rain that constantly falls outside my window abigailrobyn.blogspot.co.uk