1 July 2012

Life Update!

After my last quite miserable and mopey post, I'm very pleased to report that things are on the up.

Firstly, I got my degree results and I got my 2:1! I am so overjoyed- I honestly didn't think I'd manage to get one so I'm beyond pleased that I did. This means I can apply for the LLM I want to do and should hopefully be able to do that, so my life for the next year is pretty settled. It's such a relief to have some kind of plan now.

I've also moved back home, so it's bye-bye Cardiff for a bit. However, this should give me much more time to read, watch films and shop, which in turn will give me a lot more to blog about so I should be much more active from now on. (I know I have said this quite a few times but I promise I mean it this time!)

Hope all you lovely people are well.

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