30 August 2012

Nails: Topshop Flamingo Coral

Hello! A little post on a nail polish that I actually picked up in April but have only recently got round to trying out- these are the perils associated with owning more than 50 nail polishes I guess!

Topshop's Flamingo Coral is a gorgeous and very bright pink that I slapped on in an attempt to inject some brightness into the non-existent summer we are having. It is really lovely and bright with a good colour payoff and it was cheering to see it on my nails in the gloom of a grey Belfast day.

 The polish dries really fast and has a lovely shine to it. It was also fully opaque in 2 coats and stayed chip-free for 5 days until I took it off my nails.

I also really love Topshop's packaging with its cute polka dots and I find the brush really easy to use and control and find that it gives good coverage.
Flamingo Coral costs £5 and is available from Topshop stores and the website, and students get 10% off as well. I think the price is really reasonable for the quality and I'll definitely be picking up more Topshop polishes.

What do you think of Topshop's polishes? What colours do you recommend?

24 August 2012

Book Club: Little Star by John Ajvide Lindqvist

I've been taking great advantage of the fact that I finished work last week and have been reading a lot. It's so lovely to just curl up and lose yourself in another world and I have been doing some extensive travelling with the help of various authors of late.

One of my favourite films of recent times is Let the Right One In, based on the book of the same name which was Lindqvist's debut novel. Since reading and absolutely adoring it, I've devoured all of Lindqvist's subsequent novels, and Little Star was snapped up as soon as I saw it on the bookshelf of my local Waterstone's.

Little Star initially tells the story of Lennart Cedestrom, a former Swedish pop star who enjoyed a modicum of success, who finds a baby girl abandoned in the woods near his home and brings her home upon hearing her produce a perfect musical note. However, it soon becomes apparent that 'Little One' is not an ordinary child and here the tension begins to build as her odd habits begin to escalate to their grisly conclusion.

The focus then shifts to Teresa, a girl who is deeply lonely and unhappy. She uses Internet trolling as a way to get any kind of reaction from her peers. Eventually, the paths of the two girls cross and they find an affinity with each other and each finds a cure for their issues in the other. The tension increases with every page until the girls reach a decision and the book ends with them instigating their grim desires.

It is quite hard to describe what happens towards the end of the book without giving a lot away, so I'm sorry the end sounds waffly and vague! It has a lot akin to werewolves in the sense that it explores the idea of being two different people in different situations. This is what I love so much about Lindqvist's novels- as well as being terrifically creepy, they also deal with human ideas and emotions too.

Lindqvist's writing is honestly so evocative and descriptive- quite near the start of the novel he describes an injury and I honestly felt so ill reading it; I know that will probably put a lot of you off but it is just so well written!

It is perhaps testament to Lindqvist's amazing writing that I, a huge coward who sometimes cannot bear to be left alone at home after dark, have been enamoured by every single one of his horror stories- and they are genuinely terrifying books. I seek them out and always check the horror section of the book stores to see if a new title has been released- and I genuinely hate to be scared but there is something mesmerising about these books.

I would say that Let the Right One In is better than this and is a great jumping off point if you would like to explore Lindqvist but this book is good in its own right. It is perhaps the 'weakest' of his four novels but I still loved it and read its 530+ pages in just 3 days.

Have any of you read any books by John Ajvide Lindqvist? Don't hesitate to ask if you would like to ask me  anything about Little Star, or any other books for that reason!

21 August 2012

Graduation Gifts

I graduated just over a month ago and my grandparents very kindly offered to buy me some jewellery as a graduation present. I know that I'm extremely lucky that my grandparents are very generous and this post is in no way intended as a way to brag or show off what I got, so please don't take it that way!

My first choice was a watch. I usually wear brightly coloured and patterned Swatch watches but I thought that, now I am a proper grown up graduate, I should perhaps aim for something a bit more sophisticated. This simple silver watch from Guess caught my eye- it's not too 'blingy' and looks simple but quite elegant and sophisticated at the same time. It's also not too big which I prefer. I was too scared to wear the watch to work as I was doing various arts and craft activities and didn't want it to end up damaged, but now work is over I'm looking forward to showing it off.

In the shop, I spotted absolutely beautiful necklaces from Dogeared Jewellery. There were various charms on the necklaces and I loved all of them! After a lot of deliberation I settled for the wishbone design. I thought it was so cute- the charm itself is very small but so well made- and also that the wishbone itself is quite an unusual charm to see. I also love the cute inspirational message on the card to which the necklace is attached.

I was so happy with what I got but then my grandparents surprised me a few days later with another Dogeared necklace! The charm on this one is harder to describe; it's like a spiky sun or something but my grandparents had chosen this one due to the lovely message printed on the card which said I could achieve anything. It was such a lovely surprise!

Overall, I am so pleased with the generous gifts my grandparents got me. I am a very lucky girl to have such a lovely family who give me such beautiful things and I know I'll look after and treasure these items for years to come.

15 August 2012

Lust List #1

Hello hello! It's a hideously wet Wednesday evening here in Belfast so I put together a little wishlist of things I would like in my life as a way of cheering myself up!

Untitled #5

Bird print peplum dress This gorgeous dress is from Dorothy Perkins. It took me a while to warm up to the peplum trend but I love this dress and think it would be a great way to take the peplum plunge.

Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer I'm still on the hunt for the perfect primer and have heard good things about this. I am a bit of a slave to my oily skin, particularly during the warm(ish!) summer months and I sometimes feel like all my make up just slides off during the day. It's slightly pricey at £28 but if it gives a beautiful, long-lasting base then it could well be worth it.

Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation This is linked to my desire for long-lasting and lovely make up. At the minute I also feel very paranoid that all of my foundation is the wrong colour so I may take the very exciting step of getting properly matched for a premium foundation once my job finishes this week.

Suede Drum Major Slingback Heels I'm dying for a pair of comfortable black heels and I loves suede and round toed shoes so I adore these.

Topshop Lipstick in Rio Rio I've developed a bit of an obsession with red lips of late and I am really into Topshop's lipsticks and the minute. I currently only own Brighton Rock so I might have to double my collection with the addition of this.

So there you have it- these are some of the things I'm currently craving. I finish work this Friday and I haven't actually spent any of my wages from the last five weeks so I may have to take a cheeky trip into town and pick up a few things on this list...

5 August 2012

I am the diamond glints on snow.

A very personal post today. On Friday, my granda sadly passed away after a short illness. He was a great man and, although I never realised it as a child, he was extremely brave. He left his entire family in Pakistan to study in Glasgow before coming to Northern Ireland. He married a white woman in the late 1950s and settled in Belfast, a place which is not exactly renowned for accepting other cultures, even now. He worked hard for a very long time to give my mother and three uncles the best in life and he always displayed love towards me and my brother.

I am so glad to have known this courageous man and I hope one day to see the bravery he displayed in myself. RIP Granda, you brave and wonderful man.

2 August 2012

Nails: L'Oreal Color Riche Sky Fits Heaven 611

My granny picked up this nail polish for me one day recently and I've finally got around to using it. I've never owned a L'Oreal nail polish before and am forever loyal to Barry M, but I was interested in trying this polish with its gorgeous colour.

I really like the brush that accompanies this polish; it's fan shaped and thus distributes the polish really evenly and covers practically the whole nail in a single stroke. It's also very quick drying and it was practically opaque after one coat, although I used two coats as I always like to ensure the whole nail is equally covered.
The polish dried to a really nice shine too and I love the colour itself; it's a lovely rich blue.

This is the polish under flash...

...and here it is under natural light without flash. Please excuse the clutter in this picture!


Overall, I would definitely recommend this nail polish. It's got a lovely shine and feels nice and smooth on your nails. It's quick drying which is great for me as I can be a bit clumsy with wet nails! I'll almost certainly be picking up a few other colours in this range.

L'Oreal Color Riche nail polishes are available in a massive range of 41 shades and can be purchased at Boots and Superdrug, priced at £4.99 per bottle, although there are currently offers on L'Oreal in both shops, for all you bargain hunters out there.

 Have you tried any polishes from the L'Oreal Color Riche range? What colours would you recommend?