24 August 2012

Book Club: Little Star by John Ajvide Lindqvist

I've been taking great advantage of the fact that I finished work last week and have been reading a lot. It's so lovely to just curl up and lose yourself in another world and I have been doing some extensive travelling with the help of various authors of late.

One of my favourite films of recent times is Let the Right One In, based on the book of the same name which was Lindqvist's debut novel. Since reading and absolutely adoring it, I've devoured all of Lindqvist's subsequent novels, and Little Star was snapped up as soon as I saw it on the bookshelf of my local Waterstone's.

Little Star initially tells the story of Lennart Cedestrom, a former Swedish pop star who enjoyed a modicum of success, who finds a baby girl abandoned in the woods near his home and brings her home upon hearing her produce a perfect musical note. However, it soon becomes apparent that 'Little One' is not an ordinary child and here the tension begins to build as her odd habits begin to escalate to their grisly conclusion.

The focus then shifts to Teresa, a girl who is deeply lonely and unhappy. She uses Internet trolling as a way to get any kind of reaction from her peers. Eventually, the paths of the two girls cross and they find an affinity with each other and each finds a cure for their issues in the other. The tension increases with every page until the girls reach a decision and the book ends with them instigating their grim desires.

It is quite hard to describe what happens towards the end of the book without giving a lot away, so I'm sorry the end sounds waffly and vague! It has a lot akin to werewolves in the sense that it explores the idea of being two different people in different situations. This is what I love so much about Lindqvist's novels- as well as being terrifically creepy, they also deal with human ideas and emotions too.

Lindqvist's writing is honestly so evocative and descriptive- quite near the start of the novel he describes an injury and I honestly felt so ill reading it; I know that will probably put a lot of you off but it is just so well written!

It is perhaps testament to Lindqvist's amazing writing that I, a huge coward who sometimes cannot bear to be left alone at home after dark, have been enamoured by every single one of his horror stories- and they are genuinely terrifying books. I seek them out and always check the horror section of the book stores to see if a new title has been released- and I genuinely hate to be scared but there is something mesmerising about these books.

I would say that Let the Right One In is better than this and is a great jumping off point if you would like to explore Lindqvist but this book is good in its own right. It is perhaps the 'weakest' of his four novels but I still loved it and read its 530+ pages in just 3 days.

Have any of you read any books by John Ajvide Lindqvist? Don't hesitate to ask if you would like to ask me  anything about Little Star, or any other books for that reason!


  1. I should be a bit ashamed about the fact that I'm Swedish and haven't read any of is books! But there's so many books and so little time :)

    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. I understand what you mean, there are so so many amazing books out there and not enough time! Thank you, I hope you do as well and I'm looking forward to seeing more from your American holiday; it sounded fantastic :)