27 September 2012

The Woman in Black Theatre Review

Pete's sister very kindly bought us tickets to see The Woman in Black on stage in London, so as part of my visit to England we planned a trip to London for a few days. If you'd like to see what I got up to in London, you can have a look here.

The play was in the Fortune Theatre in Covent Garden, where it has been showing since 1989. The theatre itself is lovely- it has lovely decoration and is relatively small, which adds to the claustrophobic and unnerving atmosphere of the play.

The play is similar to the book in that former solicitor Arthur Kipps recounts his terrifying encounters with the 'woman in black' who haunts the town of Crythin Gifford in northern England. This version, however, adds the dimension of 'a play within a play', when a young actor helps Kipps tell his story by acting it out together.
The play is actually quite funny to begin with, which threw me- I was fully expecting to be scared from the get-go. However, I found this to be much more effective as it lulls you into a false sense of security before the horror actually begins.

With only two actors on stage, it seemed that the play would be quite difficult to make work, especially in terms of scaring the audience. However, with excellent use of props, lighting and sound effects, it is genuinely terrifying and jumpy- especially with the addition of some unexpected surprises, which I won't divulge here lest I spoil the play.
As a side note, the safety curtain of the theatre, which was lowered during the interval, is lovely!

I really enjoyed the play and actually found it better than the book- it was much more engaging. That said, I would recommend the book as well.
After watching the play, we decided to watch the film version starring Daniel Radcliffe. Unfortunately, I found this to be a very poor adaptation. It is totally different to the book and play, changing huge chunks of the story. It also seems to try and throw in as many jumps as possible, without any attempt to build atmosphere like the play does.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the play to anybody who wants a night at the theatre. It's funny and scary and really enjoyable, with a few really good twists and jumps.

Have you seen The Woman in Black on stage? What did you think of it?

26 September 2012

All Go!

Hello hello! I am firstly going to apologise for my very long absence from the Internet. A lot has been going on since last we spoke!

I am officially a LLM student in Belfast now; I've finished my first week now and so far am really enjoying it. I'm studying Human Rights and Criminal Justice and it has been so interesting; I've also met some really nice people already. Also, I have a student card for another two years which means lots more discounts, yay!

Before starting my course, I jetted over to England to visit my boyfriend. He lives in Cheltenham but while I was visiting we did a little travelling.
First of all, we went to Oxford for his aunt's wedding. The weather was absolutely beautiful so the ceremony was held outside in the Italian Garden. Here we are in all our wedding glory.

The day after the wedding, we went to stay with Pete's grandparents who live in Oxford too. We went to the Sheldonian Theatre where the Oxford students have their graduation ceremonies. It has the most wonderful ceiling; I loved it so much, I even bought a postcard of it.

Afterwards, we went punting on the river. It was lots of fun but I was absolutely horrendous at it! I kept steering us into the river bank and squealing because I felt that I was going to fall in! Unfortunately there are no pictures of me punting so here we are again, this time on our little boat.

After our time in Oxford, we went straight to London. Pete's sister bought us tickets for The Woman in Black at the theatre so we went down to spend a few days in the city. Here's the sign from outside the Fortune Theatre in Covent Garden. I loved the show- it was excellently acted and very scary. I'll have a proper review up for you all in the near future.

We went to the amazing Borough Market where I had the yummiest baguette, filled with chicken marinated it herbs- it was delicious. You can also see the Shard in the background.

We also popped over to Baker Street for a little look at The Sherlock Holmes Museum. I'm not really a Holmes expert or even really much of a fan, but it was still interesting nonetheless. 

Before we left, we went for a wander around Carnaby Street and Soho where I spied this mural on a wall.

I love London so much. It's such an exciting city and everything there just seems so much better! I'd love to go back again soon and catch another play- I'd love to see Les Miserables on the stage. And I'll definitely have to do some shopping next time!

Hope you've enjoyed this little snapshot of my trip away!

13 September 2012

Mini Hiatus

Hello lovelies! I promise that I haven't forgotten about you or my blog but I have been traipsing all over England for the past 10 days. I came to Cheltenham to visit my boyfriend and we have been to Oxford and London in the past few days. I'll be home on Monday and normal service will resume then and I'll tell you all about what I've been up to!
I hope you've all been well! Til next time xx