12 October 2012

Lust List #2- Autumn Edition

The nights are getting longer and the weather is grim right now! So, on this chilly autumn evening, I've put together a little wishlist of some things I'd like to get to help endure the oncoming colds, dry skin and frosty footpaths that I envisage!

Lust List # 2- Autumn Leaves

This jumper is from Dorothy Perkins and looks like it would be nice and cosy on cold mornings on my way into university. I don't really have many jumpers at the minute so I'll have to start building up my winter wardrobe before the cold really hits!

When I purchased Benefit's They're Real mascara, the girl on the counter also filled in my eyebrows for me. I've always been too scared to do it before in case I go a bit OTT but I loved the look- it was subtle but definitely made a difference. She used the Browzings kit in Light on me, and I'd like to try it myself to make my brows stand out a little more.

My skin is generally slightly oily but the cold and wind of winter can really dry my skin out and make it a little painful. I'd like to invest in a good, rich moisturiser for the evenings to help replenish my skin. Clinique are renowned for their skincare and their Moisture Surge is available for oily skin as well, so I'd like to give it a try this winter.

When I went to the Urban Decay counter, the girl there used the Super Saturated Lip Pencil in Firebomb on me and I loved it. I can't really make up any autumnal excuses as to why I want it- I just really loved the look of it and feel like I need to own it!

Finally, there's nothing better than snuggling up all warm and toasty on a cold night, preferably with a good book/film/TV show. When Buffy the Vampire Slayer was on first time around I was a huuuge fan, to the point of going to conventions! (Please, do not judge. I was 14 and she was kick-ass.)  I'd like to relive my Buffy-love all over again and get myself the box set to watch.

What are you lusting after to keep away the chill this autumn? 


  1. I too used to be obsessed with Buffy haha! Also, I've had a sample of that Clinique moisturiser before (my mum gave it to me when she got it in her bonus time) and it was amazing. For such a tiny little tub, it lasted for ages as you had to use such a little amount for super luscious moisturised skin (: xx

  2. I nominated you for a leibster award on my blog! check the post out for more info :-)