25 October 2012

Reasons to be Cheerful #1

Hello hello! Now the weather is getting chillier and gloomier, it's really hard to get good lighting to take pictures. I will endeavour to take get some nice snaps soon though.
I thought today I would do a little post on things that are going well and making me happy at the minute. Sometimes I get a bit down because I feel swamped with work or worried about the future so I think I'll make this a regular post so I remember the good things in my life.

1) Driving Lessons: I recently started learning to drive and it is going surprisingly well. I was so worried at the start and the first few lessons I could not go in a straight line AT ALL. Today's lesson was really good though and he actually said it was a 'pleasure to teach me today' so I was really pleased about that.

2) Planning: My boyfriend has finally booked flights to come and visit me so now the countdown is on and there are less than 4 weeks to go! I won't lie, long distance can be so, so difficult sometimes but when we are together everything is so lovely. Hopefully we will be able to live in the same place in the not too distant future, but until then we make the most of the time we do have together.

3) Job Hunting: I know it's difficult and sending out reams of CVs and applications aren't really that fun, but part of me really loves trawling through jobs and imagining what it would be like to work in that position and live in that city. I've also applied for some temporary jobs while I'm studying for my LLM so hopefully I'll bag one of those to help me out and buy some lovely Christmas presents!

I am also really enjoying this song as well- it's so cute and lovely to sing along to.

What sort of things are you all happy about this week? I am so nosy so let me know!


  1. i really admire anyone doing long distance, but not long to go now! hope it's all going well x

  2. Long distance is such a difficult thing to have to do, but the time you get to spend together makes it all worth it! <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com