31 December 2012

New Year 'Resolutions'

Hey everyone! 2012 is almost on the way out and I'm hopping on the end of year posts bandwagon! I put resolutions in the title on the post but I don't really believe in them- there's no real difference in saying you'll do something at the start of a year than at any other time of the year!
There are a few things I do want to achieve this year though so I thought I'd pop them down here- and maybe I'll be able to look back on them this time next year!

  1. Stop drinking so much fizz: I love a really cold fizzy drink! I always drink the diet ones because sugared ones make my teeth feel weird but I still know they aren't good for me. So I'm going to try and drink water more regularly next year; I know I should drink water anyway, but it will also hopefully have other benefits.
  2. Sort my skin out: Since starting this blog and regularly reading other blogs that I admire, I've really started to take notice of my skin. I've always washed my face of course, but I never really took the time to properly investigate products tailored for my skin. I've noticed my skin has been looking really dull lately and it seems to be multiplying blackheads (sorry if that's gross!) and I really want to sort it out and get it looking tip-top.
  3. Move more!: Last year I took up running and I was actually quite good at it- nobody was more surprised than me! But I gave it up in April to concentrate on exams and never took it back up again, so I'd love to pick it back up. I also enjoy doing workout DVDs and things so I'm going to try and do those more regularly and just generally be more active. I like the feeling of achievement it gives me, as well as being good for me.
  4. Travel: This April, Pete and I will have been together for 4 years but we've never had a proper holiday abroad just the two of us, so this summer we can hopefully change that. I'd love to go to Croatia, Greece, Italy or Sweden (to start with!) so hopefully this will be the year for that. To manage that, though, I'll need to....
  5. Budget: I'm generally good with money but alas there is no more student loan coming my way so I have to be more frugal with the money I do get. My job is also finished now so I won't be getting much extra through the year. Unfortunately, blogging has made me aware of so many amazing products that I want to try out! I think I am just going to have to be super-strict and save up if I want anything pricey- but hopefully that will make me want things even more!
  6. Find my perfect foundation: I am still on a quest for my holy grail foundation! I find it so hard- if one is a good colour match, the lasting power isn't great or if it lasts well then it makes me look orange! So here's hoping 2013 will be the year I get perfect skin with and without foundation!
Sorry that was all a bit rambly. What are your aims for 2013? 
Happy New Year to all of you! xxxx


  1. Good resolutions :) I think the quest for finding a perfect foundation will never end :( xx

  2. Some good resolutions there! Mine is to learn how to cook because I'm pretty terrible.

  3. I really hope to get your holiday darling! I would love to go to Croatia too!! xx

  4. i'm the same with fizzy drinks, it's on my list too! good luck with them all! happy new year! x

  5. Happy new year and hope 2013 is a good one. I did a resolutions post too, just hope I can keep to them! Good luck on achieving yours x

  6. I think new year resolutions are so hard to stick too, but good luck!


    Kamila x

  7. good luck

  8. I've quit drinking fizzy drinks for a month now, I have no idea how long this will be for, but it feels great!!