24 December 2012

Santa Baby, there's just one thing I really do need...

Well, the big day is almost upon us! I know that I'm getting a new phone this year as mine is unfortunately becoming very slow. Aside from that, my mum is very good at coming up with lots of little surprise gifts.

I thought I'd show you all what is on my fantasy wishlist- the things I would buy if money was no object! I normally don't really lust after anything that expensive- the odd lipstick here or nail polish there- as I just feel guilty splurging too much all in one go! I also never ask for anything like this- except when I was 21 I asked for a Chanel bag for my birthday because I did not realise how expensive they actually were!
If I could ask Santa for a few extravagant gifts this year, it would be these.

Untitled #8

Mulberry Oversized Alexa: I love Mulberry bags. Sometimes in my local House of Fraser I go in and touch them, just to see what they're like (is that really weird?) Alas, they come complete with a pretty hefty price tag- this lovely thing costs £995!- and after spending so much on it I would be terrified to take it anywhere with me!

Veil Mineral Primer:Firstly, sorry for the strange ghost-like quality of this picture! I am having such a problem keeping my foundation on recently. I've heard a few really good reviews which say this primer makes skin look amazing and helps foundation really last but it's £52 for 30ml which makes me feel sick at the thought of forking out so much when it just goes on your face! 

Emma Hardie Natural Lift Cleansing Balm: I feel like skincare is something that I really should invest in, and a few of my favourite bloggers have recently been raving about this. It's £34 which isn't quite as pricey as some other skincare from other brands and seems to really work, so this could be one of the things I invest in after Christmas. I just need something to help my skin and make it much brighter and less congested.

Christian Louboutins: My dream shoes! I love black patent round toed shoes and I would love a pair of Louboutins- their iconic red soles just look so lovely. I am, however, shite with high heels sometimes. I have quite wide feet so heels can be quite uncomfortable and I then find it hard to walk in them. I'd have to try these out before ever actually buying them (and win the lottery of course!)

Tom Ford Lip Colour in Cherry Lush: The ultimate in luxury lipstick! At £36 I would never ever dream of buying this, especially as there is most definitely a dupe out there somewhere but it just looked so nice! 

So, there you have it, my ultimate fantasy wishlist! What would you buy if you could have absolutely anything?

Merry Christmas to you all! I hope you all have a lovely day, even if you don't celebrate Christmas, and I hope Santa treats you kindly! 


  1. I really want the Mulberry Alexa too!

    Kate x

    1. They're so lovely! I love the Bayswater and Del Ray as well! Just any of them and I would be happy! xx

  2. I go in and touch the bags too :) I will also own a pair of Louboutins at some point in my life, I'm determined!x

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    1. They are just so lovely. I walked past them today and kept looking over at them. One day I'll be rich enough! xx

  4. My luxury want list is soo similar to yours! Off to buy a lottery ticket ....