11 January 2013

Book Club: The Equality Illusion by Kat Banyard

Well, I have finally handed in my two monster essays- 6,000 words each, due one day after each other, no thank you- and have had a lovely few days off. In that time, I managed to finish The Equality Illusion which I'd been reading for a few weeks before Christmas.

The books takes as its inspiration the often peddled idea that men and women today are pretty much equal. Banyard uses the book to dispel this myth, and does so brilliantly.

The book is set out in the form of a typical day for women; from getting out of bed to going to sleep, as well as a chapter on 'tomorrow', setting out how to change things.
From the first page, it's an eye-opener. Banyard has interviewed over 100 young women, gathering opinions on everything from body image to abortion. It's packed with astonishing statistics too, that really show the depth of inequality in the UK today.

It's quite hard to describe the book as it is all factual, but it is so worth reading. Everything is laid out clearly and it's very accessible to anyone, even without any previous knowledge of feminism.
There's also an excellent resource section at the end, with information on organisations for help and information.
This is a really excellent book that I think will open the eyes of anyone who reads it. It's meticulously researched but not written in an academic way, and the interviews with women who have lived the issues first hand make it so personal.
I'd really recommend this book, although it did make a bit angry when I realised just how shitty things really were!

A word of caution- Banyard interviews women who have worked in the sex industry, and some of the descriptions they give of things that happened to them are quite graphic. 

Have any of you read The Equality Illusion or any books like it? I love getting book recommendations!


  1. This looks like it would be right up my street! I've got some Waterstones points burning a hole in my wallet too... x

    1. It's really very good, I'd definitely recommend it! xx

  2. definitely want to get on the other side of this book! i'll never be able to get it over here though...maybe i'll have to treat myself to postage when i get some money my way! x

  3. Thank you for following my blog, lovely. Can't wait to read more book reviews from you x

    1. Thank you, hopefully I won't disappoint :) You're very welcome, I love your blog already! xx

  4. ooo this sounds right up my street! I read a book called living dolls which sounds like a bit similar but a good read - i'll leave you the link :)