24 January 2013

Things to See and Do: Bath

After handing in my essays in the first week of January I went to visit Pete. We arranged a trip to Bath as part of my visit; it's somewhere I've always wanted to visit and Pete wanted to test out his driving having recently passed his test.
We stayed in the gorgeous Brooks Guesthouse; our room was so big, with a gorgeous bathroom and huge comfy bed. It was in a really good location too.

We went for a wander just after we arrived and decided to visit the Roman Baths; the site where Romans took advantage of the naturally heated water to bathe and worship. It was really interesting to learn all about the Baths and it looked so lovely. It was absolutely freezing outside so I really wanted to hop into the hot water and get warm!

We also sampled the spa water before we left but it was pretty gross! It was warm and tasted like blood so I'm pretty certain I wouldn't have that again.

After the Baths we popped over to Sally Lunn's, one of Bath's oldest houses, and tried a Bath bun. Silly me forgot to take a picture on my camera before I wolfed it down- there is one on my Instagram (secondhand_news) but I can't work out how to upload it here! I had mine with jam on and it was delicious.

Next stop was Bath Abbey. The building was absolutely gorgeous and the stained glass window at one end was so stunning. There was hardly anybody in the abbey which added to the atmosphere. 
Check out the gorgeous ceiling too.

I'm not particularly religious but honestly the abbey was so beautiful and peaceful that I would recommend checking it out if you got the chance. You can also go up the tower but it cost £6 each and we weren't that bothered as it was getting dark by this point, but on a summer's day I can imagine it would be stunning.

I really wanted to go to the Jane Austen Museum the following day before we left but it was closed for refurbishments, so we went to Bath Spa instead. Like the Roman Baths, it showcases the naturally warm water but this time you can jump in! We had two hours to spend there and most of that was spent in the open-air rooftop pool which was amazing. It was a clear day so the view was great, and it was so cold outside that it made a great contrast with the warm water. I wasn't allowed to take pictures there which was a shame, but I can assure you it was amazing and a great experience.

After the spa, we went for a spot of lunch and then sadly our time in Bath was over! It was a bit of a whistle-stop tour so I'd definitely have to go again and see a bit more.
From what I saw, Bath is a gorgeous city with amazing architecture and lots crammed in. The only downside was that we just didn't have enough time to do it all, so I'd love to return.

Have any of you been to Bath? Have you done anything I might have missed out on there?


  1. i went to bath a few years back and visited the jane austen museum, sadly i can't recommend it either way - i was around fourteen at the time and probably didn't appreciate it enough! i never made it to the baths though, which i am gutted about. this all looks really nice though.

    also, to upload my photos from instagram i use the website webstagram and use the image links! i've made it sound terribly complicated when its not haha! there's probably an easier way too, but that's how i do it!

  2. wow so beautiful! I've never travelled outside of the US! I'd love to visit Bath, and the abbey is absolutely gorgeous! Take me next time you go :P

  3. Hello lovely, thank you for following me :) Bath sounds absolutely beautiful, and looks it too! The abbey looks stunning, I love places like that, especially when they're mostly empty. xx

  4. Bath is a city I would love to visit. I'm a total sucker for beautiful architecture!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  5. I've heard such lovely things about Bath, I really should go some day! :)

    Sam xx

  6. I've never been to bath but its on my list of places to visit. I'm a sucker for anything roman x


  7. i love bath, such a lovely place x


  8. I was actually meant to be going to uni in Bath, and as beautiful as it was I am so glad that I moved to London! I have always wanted to go to the Roman baths as they sounds really cool, not so sure about the spa water, think I would pass on that too! great post lovely


  9. I love Bath, the Thermae spa is so nice, the buildings and shops are gorgeous too. One of my favourite cities! xx