23 February 2013

Meet Your Match

If you're anything like me, you'll have quite the collection of foundations. I have one for everyday wear that's easy to slap on and one that is a bit more long lasting and heavy duty. I have one for the summer and one languishing in my make up box which is the wrong colour and finish for me; I bought it because I totally fell for the hype around it and just had to own it, despite not having a shade that suited me. I also have three which have never even been opened; that's seven in total.

Finding the right foundation is definitely the most important part of make up for me. I feel really self-conscious if I think the shade is wrong, but I also find it very difficult to find the right shade, both in high-street and high-end brands. In the drugstore, it's difficult because there is generally nobody around to help you, the testers have often been stolen and all the shade range is generally quite limited or has the wrong undertones for your skin. Similarly, with high-end brands, I always feel really under pressure if they have matched me up and I just buy then and there without asking for a sample or even going outside to check the match under natural light. I never ever want to question the person who has matched me up because I feel they should no best. It's an approach that has, alas, seen me splurge a fair bit on things that aren't quite right, and I was fed up of feeling clueless every time I needed/wanted to change up my foundation.

After a bit of Googling, I stumbled on Findation. Findation allows you to match up your shades with foundations you already know are a good match for you. I played around with this a bit and, on the whole, it has matched me up nicely to the shades I already wear. It's easy to use and displays all your results clearly. That said, it doesn't provide a match for every brand. For example, there is no Illamasqua match for me as yet, but new results are added all the time as more people contribute to the site.

I'm not going to say Findation is perfect at matching you up, especially as I haven't yet gone to be matched up following its recommendations. I do think, however, that it will be a great help in steering you in the right direction when you want to try a new brand.

Have any of you tried Findation or do you know a similar site? (Seriously, I need all the help I can get here!) How do you find your perfect match?