17 April 2013

Birthday Wishes

First up, sorry for my online absence! I was swamped with a ridiculously difficult essay which I had to basically construct with absolutely no assistance from my lecturer; seriously, the man doesn't even have an email address.
Then, the day after hand in, I was struck down with a horrible cold/flu hybrid that left me feverish and miserable and trying not to throw up (lovely mental image for you all there) During that time, though, I got to have a nice long think about my birthday tomorrow. I feel that now I'm getting older- I'll turn 23 this year- people don't really bother so much about presents which is fine and, to go all soppy on you for a minute, Pete will be here to celebrate with me so really I'm getting what I want the most anyway.
However, despite being perhaps a bit too old for presents, I of course compiled a little birthday wishlist anyway because, well, I just love looking at pretty things.

Birthday Wishes

Laura Mercier SIlk Creme Foundation (Medium Ivory): I recently went to get matched up to this foundation after hearing so many good things about it and, truly, it's love. I loved the colour match, the finish and the lasting power which, for an oily-skinned lass like me, is essential. It is a bit pricey though, at £33, but I've been very subtly dropping hints about getting House of Fraser vouchers and if I do then this will be my target!

Lascana Polka Dot Swimsuit: I absolutely love swimming and find it so relaxing and peaceful. What I don't love is exposing my tummy/thighs to a pool full of strangers (although I am working on that because I shouldn't actually care what strangers think of how I look!) I just think this little suit is so cute and I love it.

NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil (Happy Days): I've never tried a NARS lip product before and this colour would be gorgeous for sunny days outside.

Topshop Cream Blush (Flush): This appears to be sold out now but really I'd like any of the Topshop cream blushes. The colours look lovely and the texture seems like it would work really well too.

Origins Zero Oil Cleanser: Now I'm getting older I'll have to start looking after my skin more. I used to always make the mistake of scrubbing and rubbing at my skin to get rid of the oil but I realise now that just makes it worse! So I need to start choosing products that are right for my skin type. The amazing Kate from gh0stparties recommends this and her skin is gorgeous so I'd like to see if I can get the same glowy skin as her.

Daniel Wellington Sheffield Watch: I am in love with this watch. It is just so stunning; classic but not boring, attention-grabbing but not ostentatious. It is a thing of beauty and I would love it on my wrist!

So that's what I'll be wishing for when I blow out my candles this year! Have you tried any of these products? What do you recommend I splash my birthday cash on? (even as I try to pretend I'll save some!)

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  1. ahh late on the birthday wishes so apologies, but i hope you had a really brilliant day! love the swimming costume, looks like it could be quite flattering too (as far as swimming costumes can be flattering that is!) x