29 April 2013

I said 39 times that I love you to the beauty I had found.


If you don't like public displays of affection and don't want to see me being all mushy then this is not the post for you!

Today, Pete and I celebrate our fourth anniversary! I honestly cannot believe how fast time slips by; it seems like just yesterday that we celebrated our third anniversary, but I guess it is testament to our relationship that everything just seems so natural.

We've had our fair share of difficulty; I lived in Germany for 10 months as part of my degree and right now we are also apart as we moved back home after university and long distance is really hard sometimes, especially days like this when you can't celebrate together.
It does make us appreciate the time we spend together all the more though, and although there are days we spend curled up in bed watching The Wire, we also make a real effort to create new memories together as much as we can.

I know all the tears and frustration will be worth it in the end. There's nobody else I would rather wait to be with and Pete is always there to reassure me that we can do it. He is so lovely and just the kindest person I've ever met.
 He's my best friend and although he laughs at me when I cry at films/TV/books/songs (I cry a lot, OK?), he's always there to cheer me up and can even suppress his giggles long enough to do so.
Every day we spend together is a day full of fun, laughter and love and I can't wait until we get to spend every day that way.


  1. ahh we're all allowed a soppy post once in a while, and fair play, you definitely have something to celebrate! massive congrats on your anniversary! x

    1. True, a little bit of sop never hurt anyone! Thanks so much xx

  2. I love soppy public displays of affection! Well, no, that's a lie- but I like soppy public displays of affection from people that I kinda root for haha. I know what you mean on the ease thing, I never understand people who say things like "love is hard work" or "you have to fight for this love" etc (maybe only Cheryl Cole says the latter, whatevs). I couldn't imagine doing the long-distance thing, but it's really a testament to the strength of your relationship that you're both making it work- not everyone could do it. Congratulations on your anniversary! And to make a creepy comment that much more creepy, I swear every post I read of yours makes me like you more- I also love a good cry. I don't cry at general life very often, but I seem to cry a lot at stupid things. Like adverts. Not just like the Cancer Research adverts (I do cry at those too), but sometimes just adverts that are nice. I saw an advert on TV with some puppies on it, can't even remember what it was for, but I sat there bawling because they were just so NICE! Lovely photo, and here's to many more happy years for you too :) xx

    1. Thank you so much! It is hard sometimes in the sense that being positive when as yet we have no real plans to move in together etc makes it feel a bit like we're in limbo but the relationship itself has always been so easy.
      It's not creepy at all, I feel exactly the same every time I read something you've posted! You always seem to say exactly what I think when it comes to politics and your lifestyle-type posts are so lovely!
      I'm also glad I'm not the only ridiculous sop out there with perpetually-flowing tear ducts! xx