16 November 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful #3

I haven't done one of these posts for quite a while (I actually posted my last one exactly a year ago!). I enjoy putting them together because, although life can be a little tough at times, there is still a lot to be grateful for. I may be struggling to find a job, I may miss my boyfriend a heck of a lot and life may not be going exactly how I expected it to be at this stage but I can still find the good in it.

So here are some of my reasons to happy recently!

I found this picture from my trip to Manchester in May and remembering my visit puts a smile on my face

1)The Kindness of Strangers: I'm sure you've all seen the footage of the devastation caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines; over 3500 people have died with scores of others left without food, water and homes. I volunteer at Oxfam and yesterday we took it in turns to go outside with a bucket and get donations from the public. Within an hour we'd raised almost £100; one man gave us £20 while another gave £10, and lots of people commented that donating was 'the least they could do.' It was just so nice to see people give so generously for people they'd never met before and to see it as a natural response to a tragedy like the typhoon.
The money we raised may not be a lot in the long run, but hopefully it can go some way to helping the survivors.
If you would like to help the relief effort in the Philippines, you can check out the Disasters Emergency Committee for information on various ways to donate.

2)Hard Work Pays Off: Last week I got my thesis results back and it was good news! I got 62 for my thesis (perhaps not the best mark but I was very pleased, especially as I'd convinced myself I'd failed) and will officially be graduating with commendation from my Masters degree. I really enjoyed doing the research for my thesis but I found it hard to put it all together and keep on top of everything; writing almost 18000 words takes it out of you! There was many a sleepless night spent worrying about everything, so it was nice to see that it wasn't all in vain and what I'd put together actually wasn't awful.

3)Surprise Phonecalls: Earlier this week I received a call from my old boss at Waterstones, where I worked last Christmas, asking me to come back in for this Christmas period. I was so happy to get the call as I thought I'd missed my chance to get any work this Christmas. I loved my job last year; I loved just being around the books and helping people get ready for Christmas, and I hope it will be the same again this year. It also gives me something to do as well; I don't really have a lot of structure at the minute and keep wasting my days sleeping and watching (and crying at) Gilmore Girls, so I hope this will give me a bit of purpose (as well as discount on all those lovely books!)

4)Rewards:I have £5 saved up on my Debenhams Beauty Card and they're running a 10% off beauty promotion this week. As a little reward to myself for my results, I'm going to splash out on a new MAC lipstick which will be better than half price with the discounts. I could even wear my new purchase to graduation.
I'm trying to decide between Dubonnet and Brick-o-la, even though I definitely do not need another red lipstick in my life. Which one would you choose?

What's been making you happy recently? What lipstick do you think I should buy?!


  1. Your picture at Salford Lad's Club is wonderful! And things that've made me happy recently are my partner's brother's new baby (I'm calling myself an auntie, I don't care we're not married!) and our house finally starting to take shape after months of work- hopefully it'll be done in time for Christmas! xx

    1. Also, definitely buy Dubonnet even if you've already bought the other one- you can never have too much red lippy!

  2. So glad you got a call back to your old job :)!

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