3 November 2013

Things to See and Do: Prague

At the beginning of October, partly as a way to celebrate completing my Masters, Pete and I went on our first trip abroad together. Originally we wanted to go somewhere sunny but we left the organising very late so instead decided on a city break and chose Prague. It was an excellent choice!

We arrived late on a Sunday evening and after checking in to our amazing hotel went for a quick wander to find some dinner, before heading back and getting some sleep for the days ahead.

Our hotel was only 15 minutes from the famous and beautiful Charles Bridge, which was probably my favourite part of Prague. It was so amazing to walk across such a monument and the atmosphere was lovely; people everywhere, buskers and amazing statues wherever you turned. It was really hard to capture the beauty of the bridge but I loved it. I made sure we crossed it every day and I loved walking across it at night and as the sun was setting; the light just made it even more beautiful.

Prague is full of beautiful buildings; everywhere you turn you'll find something gorgeous to make you look twice.

The spires of the church before Tyn are so iconic and noticeable, dominating the Old Town Square (and appearing on the cover of many a Prague travel guide!)

However, my favourite part of the Old Town Square was the amazing astronomical clock. Every hour, on the hour, the figures start to move and saints appear up above and move around the clock as it chimes. Huge crowds gather underneath to catch a glimpse and when you realise it was made in the 15th century it's pretty amazing. I thought the clock face on its own was beautiful, even without the little show it puts on.

We spent an entire day just wandering around the grounds of Prague Castle and my favourite bit there was St Vitus' Cathedral with its absolutely gorgeous stained glass windows. There were so many of them and they were just beautiful. We also saw three separate couples getting their wedding photos taken in different parts of the castle grounds and I can definitely see why they opted for it; everything was so lovely and would provide the perfect backdrop for any wedding pictures. We were there for hours and didn't even get to see all of what the castle had to offer.

We spent a bit of time sitting on the banks of the Vlatva, dodging the swans and enjoying this view of the Charles Bridge from a different angle. It was nice to enjoy the beautiful bridge without being caught up in the crowds of snap-happy tourists and just watch the boats glide by, especially because we walked a lot.

We climbed a lot of towers during our trip but it was a great way to see all of Prague laid out underneath you. The one above, Petrin Tower, was modeled on the Eiffel Tower and at 299 steps was the biggest one we climbed. 

This amazing view (and one of my favourite pictures which I took) shows Prague from the top of Petrin Hill. You can see just how crowded the Charles Bridge is but it was so amazing to see Prague from this angle and get a little way out of the centre.

So there you have my whistle-stop tour of Prague! I originally planned to go through our trip chronologically but there was just so much to say that the post would have been even longer. 
I really adored Prague and felt it was like a perfect fairytale city. The beautiful buildings, cobbled streets and feeling of history dripping from every part of it made it the perfect getaway and it was so lovely to experience it with Pete (sorry!). It was the perfect place to go for a first trip abroad too; there was so much to see and do but it wasn't so big as to be overwhelming either.
The food was lovely and the beer super cheap, too, so it would be good for those who were a bit constrained by their budgets like I was.
I really would recommend Prague to anyone looking for a city break filled with history, culture and beautiful scenery.
The only drawback? I've well and truly got itchy feet now and am already trying to decide where to go next!

Have you ever been to Prague? What were your favourite parts? 
Where would you recommend I go next?


  1. Oh my gosh, what beautiful pictures! I would love to visit Prague one day, it looks amazing!

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  2. It looks beautiful, I've always wanted to go! :)