27 March 2014

A Life Update: London Calling

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It's finally happened! Six months after my search began, I finally found someone who temporarily took leave of their senses and offered me a job. I am so happy to have eventually made progress and I've been very lucky to get quite a good job with a rather large company.
London wasn't ever really part of my plan when job hunting; although I love the city and all it has to offer, the fear of living in a tiny hovel and struggling to make ends meet didn't appeal quite so much. However, my best friend from university is also moving to London so we can live together and reenact our final year of uni together, albeit with slightly better clothes (and hopefully a bit more money!)

I start in 3 weeks and I'm so excited, but also quite terrified! I've never had an important job like this before and the nerves about screwing it up are most definitely kicking in. The enormity of London is also scaring me a little; it's just so huge and I'm scared of getting lost.
I'm still mostly excited though, to properly explore the city, see and do so many new things and start to build a career for myself. Living with my best friend and being much closer to Pete will be so great as well and I'm excited for the day I finally master the Tube. (Side note; how amazing is the Tube?! It blows my mind that there is such an amazing and efficient transport system under the ground of a city and it's been there for so long!)

I've got quite a bit to do in the next few weeks so I need to focus and get it all done, but in the meantime I'm already planning which cult burger restaurant to hit up first!

Any London-based followers out there- what tips have you got for transitioning to capital city life? Are people really as scary in London as they're portrayed to be? Where would you advise a newly-arrived rural lass to hit up first?


  1. Ahhh this is such wonderful news! I'm sure you'll love it- if you get too stressed out with life, London's got a bloody cat cafe you can go to and everything. People in London are awful humans during rush hour, when they turn evil, but besides that, they are fine- don't believe the hype. Congratulations! Maybe when I'm down at some point in the future, we could go for a gin cocktail or something ;) xxx

    1. Thank you! I am really looking forward to it, there's not long to go now! Yes definitely hit me up for a gin date, I would love that, and I can get union advice from you too ;) xx