29 April 2014

In 5 Years Time

If you'd told me way back in 2009 that the long-haired boy who lived in the East Wing of Cardiff's University Hall was going to become one of the most important people in my life, I wouldn't have believed you. Yeah, I thought he was cool and we'd hung out a bit, had a lot in common and could spend hours talking (the night we met we stayed up until 7am talking about dubstep and the Gilmore Girls) but that was it really... Until this very day five years ago when we drank too much cheap vodka at Metro's just couldn't fight it any longer and became 'an item.'

It seems hardly any time since our fourth anniversary rolled around, but a lot has happened since then. I finished my Masters, got my first ever grown up job and have moved to London to live and work. We also went through a rather dramatic transformation when Pete decided it was time for the lovely blonde hair, which had played a role in getting us together, to go and shaved his head. I cried. A lot. I have eventually learned to cope without Hanson-esque locks on my favourite boy though. (Just about. Look at that hair!)

One of the first pictures taken of us together

Our relationship just keeps getting better, with more memories and milestones to celebrate. Last year we had our first holiday together, we saw Iron and Wine together like we did in the first year of our relationship and had a lot of fun roadtrips across England.
We're still doing the long distance thing, but London is much closer than Belfast so it will be much easier to spend time together now, and we can explore London together too. Hopefully in a year or so we will finally be in the same postcode but for now we can still enjoy the time we do get to spend together and make new memories together.

I wouldn't necessarily recommend drinking lots of cheap vodka in a ridiculously hot and sweaty underground club as a way to attract a partner but it worked for me- and I'm so happy it did.

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