1 June 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful #5

I've been finding it a little difficult to keep my spirits up recently; although I'm really enjoying work, the very early starts and ridiculous commute are definitely taking their toll on me of late and I'm basically constantly exhausted at the moment!
However, I always find that these posts focusing on the good bits help cheer me up, so here's hoping it works again!


  1. Back Behind Bars: Most of my weekends are currently spent horizontally, either catching up on my precious sleep or watching TV. That's why I'm ridiculously excited for the prison comedy-drama series Orange is the New Black to return on Friday! I absolutely loved the first season, which looks at life in a women's prison, and after the cliffhanger ending in the final episode I've been waiting intensely for its return. I'm so excited to get back to Litchfield Pen and see what happens to all the characters I've grown to love over the next 13 episodes. Except Pornstache.
  2. Moving Month: It's finally June, which means at the end of the month I'll be moving to live in London properly with my best friend! I'm so excited to live there and experience so many new things in one of the world's most exciting cities. I've even compiled a list of things I want to do so I don't miss out on all the amazing things the city has to offer.
  3. Changing Rooms: As part of moving, I've been busy starting to pack up my things here in my aunt's house and have begun collecting things I'll need for my new flat. I love imagining how my new space is going to look and picking out new duvet covers, kitchen equipment and of course the all-important fairy lights and candles to make my new room cosy and comfortable. Every time I think about settling in to my new space with its balcony and river views, I can't stop myself from smiling- and there's just 20 more early starts to get through before I get there!
What's been putting a smile on your face recently? Are you excited for Orange is the New Black to return too?


  1. Yay for Orange Is The New Black, I forgot it was returning in June!
    How exciting to be moving to London, I wont lie, I'm a little A LOT jealous :P
    Keep us all updated :D x

  2. Yep, counting down till OITNB is back :)

  3. I really feel your pain regarding early morning commutes. I'm counting down the days until moving too! You must be so excited to move to London - I'm so very envious. And wooo for OITNB! :D