18 November 2014

You're the Voice That I Like: Iron & Wine at the Adelphi

In my first year of university, my flatmate and I spent an evening sharing and recommending music. One of the new albums I got that night was Our Endless Numbered Days by Iron & Wine, which I'd never heard of before but was excited to give a listen.

Flash forward 6 years (eek!) and Iron and Wine- real name Sam Beam- is one of my favourite artists ever. His music has become so important to me and more often to not when I'm listening to music it's Iron & Wine coming through the speakers. Heck, I love him and his beautiful lyrics so much I even took my blog name from one of his songs.
 Pete and I are both huge fans and our shared love for him has been a nice part of our relationship, so when tickets for his solo show at the Adelphi Theatre were released we had to snap them up and see him for the third time!

Support came from Jesca Hoop who I'd never listened to before but really enjoyed. She has an absolutely gorgeous voice and a very sweet stage presence and I'll definitely be listening to her in the future.

Then Sam himself took the stage, alone and armed with just his guitar, and asked what we wanted to hear. One keen fan got there before the rest and as a result the show opened with the stunning The Trapeze Swinger, which was a lovely surprise and had me in tears within thirty seconds
I really loved the interactive element of the show, with everyone shouting out their favourite songs, and it seemed that he was genuinely touched by the obvious love we all had for his music.
I shouted for  Lion's Mane and squealed with excitement when he heard me and said 'OK, let's do Lion's Mane then' but unfortunately someone jumped in before he started and he changed his mind. I'll forgive him though!

Halfway through, Jesca Hoop came back on stage and they sang a few songs together, including Belated Promise Ring, which would have been my next request. Their voices were really gorgeous together and it was so lovely to hear some beloved songs with a new touch.

Overall, it was such a great set, largely dictated by the fans but with some new songs and Sam's own choices too, which made it really personal. He's such a good performer, funny and humble and seemed to genuinely enjoy being on stage. It was over all too soon- I could listen to him for hours on end- but I left with a smile on my face, feeling very lucky that I got to see my favourite musician for the third time and already looking forward to the next.

Are you an Iron & Wine fan too? What song would you have requested he play?


  1. Ahh I love Iron & Wine! He'll always have a special place in my heart because I went to see him in Munich a few years ago with a friend I'd met on LiveJournal and it was so nice to finally meet her and see such a brilliant show. I saw him in Manchester last year too and he did the same thing interacting with the audience. He played such a long set too, we had to leave after two hours so we didn't miss our train. I shouted for House By The Sea but he didn't hear me :(

  2. I'd never heard of Iron & Wine until I came across this post. I've just had a sneaky quick listen to him on Spotify and I think I could listen to him for hours already. Sounds like the kind of music I could write too as well.