31 July 2015

The Quarter Century Bucket List


Since turning 25 a few months ago I've been doing a lot of thinking. I'm in a state of flux at the minute; I've just finished up work and moved out of London so I'm back on the job hunt and trying to get myself back on track. Inevitably, I've got myself into a bit of a flap about the way my life is going- everyone else seems to be really thriving (which is obviously great!) while I'm just middling along not really achieving much yet. I've also been extra mean to myself and have cursed myself for all the things I haven't got round to doing in life thus far- so I thought I'd compile a list of the things I really, really want to do before I shuffle off this mortal coil (which hopefully won't be for a long while, but who knows?)
  1. Make an impact: I don't necessarily mean become famous or have my name well known, but I hope the things I do in this live are good and help other people in some way. I want my actions to help make someone's life better- it may not be in a tangible way, but if I can make somebody else happier in some way I'll be pleased.
  2. Accept myself: Over the past few years I can honestly say my self-esteem has improved so much, but I still have a long way to go. It's not just physical- there are a lot of complex feelings about myself as a person swirling about in there, but I'm getting well on the way to appreciating myself for who I am and what I can do.
  3. Take part in and complete a physical challenge: I just want to be able to do something difficult and know that I managed it and feel that pride in myself. I have an image of myself somehow dragging my carcass round a half-marathon course but I think a 5k might have to be my first port of call.
  4. Swim more: I'm a real water baby at heart but a teenage complex about my thighs has stopped me dipping my toes as often as I'd like. I've recently got myself back into swimming, taking advantage of the beautiful lido in Cheltenham. I want to swim in as many places as possible- pools, oceans, lakes, ponds and I definitely need a go in an infinity pool some time.
  5. Source
  6. See Cristo Redentor: There's something about this statue that makes me feel so excited and a little bit emotional, even just on TV. I'd love to time my visit to Rio during Carnival as well, but seeing the statue looming above the city is something I have wanted for a very long time.
  7. Eat gumbo and jambalaya in New Orleans: Another place I've wanted to see for a very long time. Pete and I would love to go here, explore the French Quarter and listen to the authentic music (while eating all of the food!)
  8. Have a cruelty-free make up bag: I own a fair bit of make up (my mum can attest to the ridiculous size of my lipstick collection) but recently I've been feeling a lot of guilt regarding animal testing. It's so unnecessary, and as good as I look in winged liner and lipstick it's not right for an animal to suffer for it. There are so many great brands out there now that don't test on animals so I don't really have an excuse not to purchase them. I've already started taking steps and researching what brands I can start to incorporate into my routine. I'm still going to use up the items I have that have been animal tested but I won't be repurchasing them.
  9. See the Northern Lights: They're so beautiful! I really want to see them in Iceland so I can also visit the Blue Lagoon and do some whale watching.
  10. Go to a drive in movie: I just think this would be really fun!

  11. Swim in Lake Palau: I used to be terrified of jellyfish when I was younger, and anything floating past me in the sea used to elicit screams of fear. Lake Palau, or Jellyfish Lake, is filled with jellyfish who don't sting as they have never needed to defend themselves from predators. I imagine swimming through the swarms of jellyfish but not getting stung would be an amazing sensation. Plus the island itself looks so gorgeous and I'd love to spend some time there.
So they're the top ten things I want to do/achieve in my lifetime. I'd like to own my own home at some point and (probably) have children, find the perfect pair of jeans and my holy grail (cruelty free!) foundation.
I hope I'll still have the same passion for books, film and travel that I have now and still be the same person overall, just perhaps a bit fitter, more confident and well-traveled!

What's on your bucket list? Have you managed to tick off anything you hoped to achieve yet?